Syspor's Timber Sports Floor is an improved method of floor construction. It incorporates the use of specially selected and treated wooden timber strips and a unique cushioned substructure that minimize foot, leg and back injuries to player. The built-up system is made up of a single 45mm x 45mm batten system or 2 layers of 12mm 5-ply structural Grade Waterproof Plywood. This is supported over the structural floor with special rubber damper pads. A layer of Polyethylene sheet is placed under the floor and over the approved concrete sub-floor. Specially selected and treated wooden flooring strips are then fastened to the Batten or Double Plywood construction using only approved adhesives and nails. Our Timber Sports Floor construction features the ultimate performance and safety features possible in any floor construction. The floor is moisture proof, rising dampness from the existing floor slabs are kept out by the vapour proof barrier.



Ellis Pearson has been producing WSF (World Squash Federation) approved squash glass walls for more than 30 years and is used by 60% of the worlds' squash courts. Made from 12mm thick clear float tempered glass, polished at the edges, it is designed to withstand tremendous forces. The panels come in standard sizes for easy installation and include a glass door with bolt.


Armourcoat is a 100% gypsum-based plaster system formulated for high impact resistance and contains no cement based products, therefore eliminating shrinkage and stress cracking. The coating is white and does not require any further finish, therefore eliminating problems arising from de-lamination.



  Tiara Ville, Subang Jaya, Selangor
  (Wramina Flooring with Armourcoat Hardplaster)

  Kota Damansara Clubhouse, Selangor
  (Wramina Flooring with Armourcoat Hardplaster)